Corrosion Inspection

Dolphin Marine & Offshore is one of the leaders in the prevention of industrial and occupational hazards in Middel East and Europe. With its expertise to identify and assess hazards, the company plays an instrumental role in risk prevention for a variety of companies.

Material inspection, which mostly take place in the Netherlands, encompass a wide range of conventional and non-conventional NDT services and tools, such as conventional and phased array ultrasonic testing, time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD), Eddy current, robotics, electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT), conventional and digital X-ray inspection, 3D laser measurements, alternating current field measurement (ACFM), thermography, Lixi Profiler, guided waves, Tube Testing, Pipeline inspections and surface inspection.

Multipel scanning for non-destructive testing (NDT).

Since 2015, Dolphin Marine & Offshore has been using the Multipelscan 170.1 scanner and data acquisition software with Pipeline checker, the software platform used to assess corrosion and mechanical damage in pipelines, refinery columns, and storage tanks.

"We made the decision to invest in Multipel Scanner and software as the solutions would allow us to perform all applications and tasks usually required in typical NDT environments with the flexibility that we needed. It is the best tool to effectively control pipelines, skirts or columns-even when access is difficult and no power supply is within reach.

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