The engineering market segment is characterized by rapid developments. So is our level of knowledge. We are used to constantly immersing ourselves in new ideas and technologies.


We use several electronic drawing packages for engineering and drawing projects. This makes it possible to provide drawings that meet customer-specific requirements.

The drawing packages we work with are:

- CADdy
- Autocad

Of course, of these packages, we always use the most recent version. This allows us to provide all the electrical and mechanical drawings necessary for any project. It is also possible to provide drawings usable in other CAD formats.

Work Preparation

A reliable, responsible and safe controller. These are the principles that both new and existing facilities must meet. Besides knowledge, our engineers have the creativity to make it happen.


Reliability is achieved through the use of reputable manufacturers and their sound composition. For each project, we strive to achieve maximum results. To achieve that, our engineers make economical and quality choices in materials.

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