With Dolphin Marine's smart and easy water barrier, you have a solution for quickly and effectively repelling water. In the event of a flood, high water or in a situation when you need to create a water reservoir, the flood barrier is a proper solution.

The water barrier is quick to deploy, has a simple construction and takes up little storage space.

How it works.

Attached to the weir are three compartments with a weighted sail tied to them. This tarp provides sealing and stabilization. Water pressure from high water keeps the sail, plus the inflated compartments, in place and provides a watertight seal. The bottom two compartments are filled separately and are attached to each other so they cannot roll away and stay in place. The upper one is filled with air just to achieve the intended height.


The dam can be used in many scenarios. Ranging from flood emergencies to creating a temporary water reservoir. No matter what situation you want to use the weir for, we have the customized solution for you.

The benefits are:

immediately employable
✓ Easy to transport
Low weight and little storage space