Vibration measurement

Abnormal vibrations can also be a result of damage; people will turn off their cars or vacuum cleaners or at least distrust them if they sound "weird." On many large and expensive high-speed equipment, such as turbines, compressors and generators in power plants, a vibration measurement system is already installed as standard.

By analyzing the vibrations, especially the amplitude and frequency distribution (spectrum), certain conclusions can be drawn about the condition of the device. For example, a vibration frequency several times the rotation frequency may indicate damage to a particular impeller. Such continuous or periodic vibration measurement not only prevents unintended plant downtime, it also allows better planning of when and exactly what needs to be replaced during an overhaul stop.

Condition-based & Maintenance

Various maintenance departments perform state-dependent and preventive maintenance on tools with the technical equipment available to them. Performing such maintenance can be a major cost when it comes to non-repairable maintenance, as well as in the event that maintenance work needs to be performed on an already defective implement. From a cost-saving standpoint, it is attractive to you as the client that condition-based and preventive maintenance is performed so that adequate precautions can be taken. Therefore, it is important that for the application of proper diagnostics, timely physical and dynamic examinations are performed.

A diagnostic study underlying a decision may then have been conducted in several ways viz:

  1. in the case of preventive maintenance;
  2. in the case of state-dependent maintenance;
  3. in the event of a technical defect.

Dolphin Marine, Offshore and Industrie B.V. specializes in diagnostic testing and performs the following activities:

  • condition monitoring / vibration analysis
  • balancing in operating condition
  • continuous bearing monitoring
  • laser shaft alignment
  • material damage research
  • sampling of oils and fats
  • giving maintenance advice
  • also, our company supplies on-line off-line monitoring equipment, assembly and disassembly equipment/tools from reputable manufacturers
  • supply of vibration dampers/ active air dampening systems


We can perform the following inspections for you:

  • Overall vibration measurement such as displacement, velocity and acceleration
  • measurements of bearing damage, bearing error factor
  • vibration measurements on a time basis and as a frequency spectrum
  • measurements of imbalance/alignment errors in the implement
  • material and damage testing
  • sampling of oils and fats. The following can be assessed: the wear particles as well as the water percentage.
Measurement data and conclusions are reported in writing.

Shipping, Off-Shore & Industry

We work in the following industries; shipping, offshore, process, food, metal and other industries.

Standards and accreditation

Measurements are performed according to ISO-/ VDI-/ Lloyd's register and Bureau Veritas standards. We draw your attention to the fact that our company is developing as a certified institution according to NEN-ISO 9002. We are also in the process of obtaining accreditation, which means the company will qualify as a registered inspection body.

This indicates that, "Dolphin Vibration Technology" meets the required standard of competence to perform a multitude of inspections on plant and equipment.

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