Training in measurement & analysis

Vibration analysis finds many applications in performing the various maintenance tasks. Since vibration analysis is a highly specialized technique, which many companies will outsource, it is important to offer a complete concept.

Market Comparison (Internal course)

Learn about the capabilities of data collector systems. Through demonstrations, all possibilities and features of a wide range of equipment and methods will be covered.

User Training

Indispensable for every user of the VB Series an introductory training for use of both hardware and the software as well as the first principles for successful implementation of the purchased equipment and creation of a route plan.

Basic knowledge of vibration measurement

Covering the basic knowledge needed to apply vibration measurement within your company, through practical sessions and discussion of real-life cases.

Machine condition monitoring

This course will focus on the analysis/interpretation of measured signals and will be complemented by a great deal of practical knowledge and experience, as well as graphic representations. This involves the use of a practicum model. Required is basic knowledge of vibration measurement technology.

Basic Balancing Knowledge

Theoretical introduction of balancing techniques and capabilities, supplemented by practical sessions. Also, balancing with the VB Series will be covered in detail.

Balancing in operating condition

Recognizing and solving imbalance problems within your company, the methodologies of multi-level business balancing will be covered and supported by practical sessions.

A participation certificate will be given to each student. All courses can be held in-company or several times a year at an attractive location.

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