Maintenance & Faults

Efficient and cost-effective. This is how the machinery of any (manufacturing) company should function. A good maintenance system is then indispensable. In fact, through proper maintenance, you extend the life of a machine or installation. It also reduces the risk of unwanted production downtime and outages. Reliable assets guarantee consistent planning, quality and profits for your business.


A well-considered maintenance system ensures that breakdowns are prevented as much as possible. Dolphin Marine provides electrical maintenance on such items as production lines, packaging machines and industrial plants. Continuity and quality preservation are our guiding principles when creating a maintenance program. Therefore, maintenance is mainly performed during scheduled downtime. Thus, not only is your production process efficient and cost-effective, but so is its maintenance.

In the unlikely event that you encounter breakdowns, you can always count on us. With our 24-hour service, we can quickly get the process back on track. And for added security, we implement a complete maintenance plan for you as an extension of the existing service package.


Even after its realization, we remain involved in our work. This is important not only for the client. The projects delivered by Dolphin stand for quality and reliability. Together with the necessary aftercare, we consider this the basis for a good and long-term relationship with our clients.

An employer is responsible for the health and safety of employees. These regulations are described in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. In this context, Dolphin is concerned with safety in electrical engineering.

The labor inspectorate uses a combination of NEN-EN50110 and NEN 3140 as guidelines for performing safe work, inspection and maintenance. This ensures the safety of all users of electrical equipment and hand tools.

Our employees have all the necessary knowledge in electrical safety. After an inspection, we prepare a report, giving you a full understanding of the technical condition of your work equipment. Of course, we will advise you on how to remedy any defects or imperfections.

Thermographic inspection

The care for safe installations imposed on all employers by the Occupational Health & Safety Act requires them to carry out NEN-EN 50110 & NEN 3140 safety inspections. Dolphin can perform these inspections for you in combination with thermographic inspection. Both inspections focus on safety and operational reliability of electrical installations. It is sometimes wrongly thought that the de-energized measurements from NEN 3140 can be replaced by performing a thermographic inspection.

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