Company installations

In industry, a flawlessly functioning system is a prerequisite. Through years of experience and continuous training, Dolphin Marine has the knowledge and skill to realize industrial electrical installations that meet stringent requirements.

Low Voltage Installations

A well-secured electrical distribution and a production hall lit according to requirements are the first needs of a factory building. The construction of these electrical installations, small or large, is also part of Dolphin Marine's business. Cable routes and distribution devices are custom designed and calculated for each client.


Automation has taken an important place in process and control engineering. Valve islands and limit switches controlled by a communication cable are now used in almost every project. Both pneumatic and electrical instrumentation systems have been part of our supply package for many years. Dolphin Marine has developed into a professional partner with broad knowledge in this field.

Industrial relocation

Our organization is capable of moving and/or relocating all or part of an installation. This work is done in cooperation with a reputable industrial mover. We move production lines and complete factory installations including disassembly and assembly, support operations with telescopic cranes and internal transports and provide exceptional machine transport throughout Europe.


Dolphin Marine provides turn-key execution of complete installations. The engineering, coordination and realization of projects requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. For this, all disciplines, both internal and external, must be aligned. Communication between all interested parties is crucial in this regard. We master these trajectories like no other. Thanks in part to our cooperation with a number of renowned companies in the field of mechanical and process engineering, we are able to provide a complete solution for you.

Fixed Price

Projects can be done for a so-called fixed-price for which we are happy to provide a quote. This also allows you as the client to know where you stand in terms of costs. Of course, you can also call on us for secondment of specialists and for execution of projects on a directional basis. In short, Dolphin Marine, your partner in automation.

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