Industrial Automation

Automation is also here to stay in the industry. Everywhere, production quantities must increase without additional staffing. To achieve this, human actions must be taken over by machines equipped with intelligent controls in the form of a PLC or industrial computer.

PLC software

In the software field, all industrial problems can be solved for you. We have standard in-house programming facilities for Siemens, as well as Allen Bradley, Omron, Telemecanique and Unitronics. In addition, we have extensive hands-on experience with a wide variety of PLC brands. Mitsubishi, Telemecanique, Hitachi, and Saia are a few examples.


Dolphin has also positioned itself well in the SCADA field. For example, we have implemented applications with CitectScada, WinCC (Flexible), Protool, Wizcon, Intouch, IC2000, WOP-IT and PCS7, among others. Our experience ranges from modifications on already running systems to setting up complex multi-user systems completely from scratch.

Operating displays (HMI).

For less complex controls, a simple operator display provides all the information needed from the process while still ensuring high ease of operation. You can contact us for this as well. We have experience applying Siemens, UniOp, Unitronics and Lauer displays, among others.


Many users prefer a network to individual cabling. With its far-reaching capabilities and benefits, networking is the most normal thing in the world today. The professionals within Dolphin Marine have extensive experience in this area. From analysis to implementation, at every stage you can call on our specialist knowledge. Dolphin Marine can design, supply and commission networks. In doing so, we use ASi, Profibus, Ethernet, Profinet, Devicenet and, where necessary, other systems.

OEE and Quality

In the area of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and quality measurements, Dolphin Marine can also be significant. In doing so, a number of products, e.g. Ampla, OEEtoolkit, and OEEImpact are applied. For each customer and application, a scan can be done in advance to choose the best product for that customer. Dolphin Marine provides not only the software for this but also the link to the various signals from the process, in short: delivery of the complete product.

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