Guided Wave Ultrasonic Scanning

Guided wave ultrasonics are utilized for the rapid scanning of large volume of piping systems. Guided wave utilizes a ring of transducers that is place around the pipe and emits sound waves that are sent along the pipe in both directions from the ring.

Many feet of pipe may be inspected at one time, depending on a variety of factors including surface condition, the presence of pipe wrap systems and mechanical features such as elbows etc... Guided waves are best used as a screening tool as part of a more comprehensive strategy that pinpoints where more extensive volumetric examinations should be performed.

UT Scanning

While traditional inspection methods provide value to plant operators, many have begun condition based inspection programs aimed at bolstering their mechanical integrity and preventive maintenance programs. With this in mind, many plants have chosen to inspect their piping systems using Guided Wave UT MULTIPLE SCANNING. The benefits of this inspection include: Large sections of piping can be inspected rapidly and safely often with no scaffolding Minimal insulation removal for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspections Localized damage can be pinpointed and characterized as to length and depth MULTIPLE SCANNING is an excellent tool for cased crossings and unpiggable pipe Point of contact corrosion can be found without lifting the pipe thus avoiding potential leaks and protecting the environment.

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